The 450lxi has 11 batteries. Eight house, two chassis and one generator starting battery. The system is 24volt Direct current for both House and Chassis. The generator starting battery is 12volt.  

In this article we have documents listed for review

*Power Distribution 12 and 24v main path Schematic    Battery12vDistrbute2

*Cable Power Distribution Schematic.   shows batteries Vanner Voltmaster 100 amp model 66-100 Equalizers to main Fuse also shows the BIRD and Bigboy 200amp solenoid grey box   BatteryCable

*expanded view of detail from above shows batteries Vanner Voltmaster 100 amp model 66-100 Equalizers to main Fuse also shows the BIRD and Bigboy 200amp solenoid grey box BatteryCableDtl and   BatteryCableDtl2

*Inverter for the refrigerator this pure sine wave inverted detail should be added to a wiki on inverters. Mid production a pure sine inverter was added to correct possible issues from the big modified sine wave inverters. The mini inverter powers the refrigerator and the audio visual receptacles  BatteryReferInvert

Battery Bay Decal click image to download a PDF larger view

Battery Bay Decal 001

Vanner Voltmaster 100 amp model 66-100 Equalizers Family 5 owner’s manual . The bus has three of these units.  The Vanner VoltMaster Battery Equalizer is an efficient and highly reliable method of obtaining a 12 voltDC power source from a 24 volt DC electrical system. The equalizer makes the batteries look like they are in series and parallel at the same time. In addition to providing regulated 12 volt power, the system insures that battery voltages remain equal which significantly extends battery life. Ideally suited for vehicle and alternate energy applications, the Volt Master Battery Equalizer is designed to save your batteries and the money you would spend replacing them. Users of the Vanner Volt Master Battery Equalizer know that it is the most cost effective and dependable solution for dual voltage systems. A typical system would include a 24VDC power source, such as an alternator or solar array, two 12 volt battery banks in series, and the Volt Master Battery Equalizer. The Battery Equalizer connects to the 24volt, 12 volt and ground terminals of the battery system. When the 12 volt loads require power, the Battery Equalizer ensures that the current is taken equally from both batteries, and that the voltages of the two batteries are kept equal. This equalization ensures extended battery life and provides a stable 12volt supply for operating accessories

A pdf of a print from Bluebird factory that is a rendering of the distribution box  images/450pdf/BatteryGreyBox.pdf